AP, AR, and General Support:

Miami Machine Employees:

Shawna Vanderpohl - President:

Cell Phone: 812-593-9176
Irvin Vanderpohl - CEO:

Cell Phone:812-212-3283
Jim Baird - Engineering Manager:

Cell Phone: 513-910-7848
Tim Volk- Director of Operations & Quality - Cleves:

Cell Phone: 513-255-0135
Bob Blair - Shipping & Maintenance Manager:
Eric Lewis – Production Manager:
Kevin Rose - Regional Account Manager:

Cell Phone: 513-465-7755
Richard Birnbaum - Purchasing Manager:
Roger Hougland - Customer Service Manager:

Customer Service Representatives:

Spinnaker Corporation

Al Lankford: Cell 920-265-0941
Territory: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upper Michigan, Western Ontario, Mexico