Hydraulic Turbine Shafts

Our large lathes gives us the capability to machine large equipment such as turbine shafts. We can bore and turn large rolls at high precision with tight tolerances.

Miami Machine Inc. can design any screws per your requirements. We have performed extensive rebuilds and repairs on lime stone unloading screws for the Energy sector. The screws are welded up and ground back to OEM specifications.
High Precision Process Equipment

MMI mills and lathes are capable of high precision cutting for complex parts such has refiner baskets. We are capable of holding up to 0.0005” on tolerances.
Vacuum Pumps

MMI is experienced in rebuilding vacuum pumps, including Vooner vacuum pumps and Nash pumps. MMC’s rebuild consists of a complete tear down and inspection of all internal components to verify they are in good operating condition.
72” Dia. x 400” Lg. Heat Screw

MMI re-engineered and redesigned this heat screw to have two journals replaced and add stiffener rings inside the screw for added support. The screw was dynamically balanced to design speed. The entire screw was NDT tested to make sure there were no cracks.
Pulper Rotors

MMI has experience in rebuilding pulper rotors. MMI will grind off the existing wear bars and rebuild it with abrasion resistant steel for longer wear life. Each wear bar is welded at a specifically designed angle to allow maximum wear life and reduction in auxiliary consumption. All worn surfaces will be rebuilt to OEM specifications.
Refurbishing Existing Equipment to OEM Standards

We repair existing equipment on a regular basis. We rebuild existing equipment with weld then re-machine back to OEM specification. The throat gets all new wear bars bolted on and fitted.